10 Affirmations for Self Appreciation



By: Amanda Froelich,
True Activist.

In a world with abundant focus on negativity, violence, idolized stereotypes, and hard-to-achieve bodily ideals, it’s no wonder the average individual suffers from some degree of self esteem issue. The constant stress and bombardment of advertisements, products to aid physical appearance, and negative thought patterns regarding one’s unique character is not beneficial either. Could one answer to reverse this negative trend be to adopt a habit of proclaiming affirmations?

Affirmations can be described as positive phrases of intention to consciously create healthier habits and physiological response. Scientifically, all emotions create a chemical response in the body – what Dr. Candace Pert has shown to be neuropeptides, the chemicals triggered by emotions – therefore the feeling of an individual are literally converted into matter. With this awareness, what one thinks, feels, or speaks becomes important if they are seeking to create happiness and recognize their self worth. Although the biochemical reactions emotions produce in the body continues to be studied, the common denominator regarding the effect of thoughts shows that bad or stress-filled thoughts contribute to illness while positive has the opposite effect.

In a different setting, this intriguing finding has previously been shown in another method of research. A well known scientist, Masaru Emoto, was able to catch within the crystal structures of water that even energetically. thoughts can create beautiful, alkaline creations or acidic, broken reactions. As the body is 70-80% water and neuropeptides respond to emotional thought, wouldn’t it make sense to adopt a positive mindset in order to optimally influence the chemistry of the cells and heighten one’s happiness?

Because it is difficult for most to accept self love, it seems affirmations indeed are a supportive practice. Revolutionary healers such as Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer extol the benefits of healing from emotional trauma by using affirmations to ‘let go’. Thought changes body chemistry and in return affect cellular structure. By changing thought and creating positive emotions, the body can increase its capacity to heal and in effect enhance overall well being of an individual, in this case increasing self appreciation.

The following 10 affirmations are created to help you overcome the toxic impact of a negative-minded society and instead influence your own biochemistry and happiness.

Great ways to use these affirmations are to either say your favorites a few times each morning and night, put them in your wallet, or even write one on your mirror to consciously remind you to choose your thoughts.

  1. I am loved, secure, and safe.
  2. I am surrounded by love and everything is blessed.
  3. My heart is abundantly open and I expect joyous blessings to enter into my life.
  4. I love myself and everyone else; in return everybody loves me.
  5. Everywhere I go I find love; Life is joyous.
  6. I attract the best love into my life because I deserve to be happy and balanced.
  7. I deserve love and I get it in abundance.
  8. I see everything with loving eyes and love everything I see.
  9. The world is an abundant place that seeks to nourish and support my highest aspirations.
  10. I love myself unconditionally just the way I am now.

By saying affirmations every day, you not only positively affect the body’s biochemistry but over time re-train your brain to attain a more enlightened outlook. The perfection of each individual is known at birth but fades away through years of judgmental conditioning. Reverse the non serving pattern and awaken to appreciating the best you by simply focusing on changing your thoughts.

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